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Mountain Madness Tour Video Launch

Photo courtesy Stirl and Rae Photo

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of travelling to my home province of Alberta to spend 4 days travelling through some of Canada's most incredible vistas, the Rocky Mountains.

Video Production in Banff

Photo courtesy Holger Lindner

Ben Johnson of Mountain Madness Tours had gotten in touch with me after seeing one of the Intrepid videos I had produced and was looking for a similar piece for his company. We discussed a number of options and eventually settled on having myself and photographer Matt of Stirl and Rae Photo travel along with a small group of cyclists riding from Jasper to Banff. The idea was to try to capture an authentic look at what riding the route is actually like, while highlighting the natural beauty of the area. We also wanted to hear off the cuff reactions from the riders of what it was like to ride the Rockies, and what support could be expected from Mountain Madness.

Video Production in Alberta

Photo courtesy Holger Lindner

It was a fantastic weekend of shooting, punctuated by many early mornings and long stretches of hiking sketchy trails to secure a few seconds of footage. The canon L series glass I was working with provided some amazing perspectives as usual, and I was able to haul the jib into a few locations to gather some select crane shots. After the principal shoot, too much greasy hotel food and a distinct lack of sleep I parted ways with my new friends and headed back to Vancouver to cut the pieces.

Photo courtesy Stirl and Rae Photo

Ben and I settled on a 3 minute version to provide full insight into how the trips go from a rider's perspective, and a 45 second high concept piece to help sell the experience to the uninitiated. Ben and I were super happy with how both of the spots turned out. Travel Alberta helped to fund the project, and was kind enough to post it through all of their social media outlets. Check out both spots after the jump below!

45 Second 'Experience the Canadian Rockies' Spot

3 Minute 'Ride Jasper to Banff' Spot

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