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A while back I was asked to put together a unique look at Vancouver bike shop Le Domestique. LD is a unique little operation that pairs fabrication, high end service and exceptional bike builds under one roof. They boast possibly the nicest stable of customer rigs in the lower mainland.

Ken (Of LD) wanted a spot that was completely different than the long list of cookie cutter videos that are currently out there highlighting frame builders and shops. After discussing a number of ideas we settled on a high concept idea involving the mathematics and minutia of frame fabrication and bike servicing.

The idea behind the piece is to recreate the surreal sense of the chaos and inner monologue that one feels while overwhelmed with their work. Juxtaposed with the zen that often follows solving a complex problem or completing an arduos project. Thebrooding sound design (aided by the masterful Dave Gaudet of GGRP) and bleak colour grade helps to tie everything into LD's brand and match the tone of the archival audio.

Ken and myself were very happy with how the final product turned out, and I'm hoping to work on more projects like this in the future.

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