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The Intrepid & GranFondo Canada Launch

I had the privilege of screening two videos I produced for a receptive audience last night at Vancouver's Mussette Caffe.Each video provided a unique set of challenges and experiences in envisioning and producing them on a tight deadline. Beers were had and the videos were debuted before the Intrepid 2015 and GranFondo Whistler 2015 event registration was opened to the public.

photo (2).JPG

The fondo involved several days of covering various events and afterparties as well as a horribly early start time on the day of the main event, but it was all worth it to rip up the Sea To Sky highway on the back of a motorcycle shooting thousands of cyclists pushing themselves as hard as they could. The final overview highlights a lot of the unique aspects of the event, including celebration plaza and some of the fetivities the following day.

GranFondo Whistler 2014 Overview

The Intrepid was a much more complicated project, but being that I had covered it the year before I was slightly more prepared for the challenges. Beginning on a Thursday, I spent the days filming and photographing the riders, in order to put together a slideshow and stage recap video for the reception each evening. This entailed shooting from 6AM – 3PMish and then frantically assembling an edit in a few hours before dinner, then making it back to shoot the dinner reception. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat.

Stage 1 Recap

Stage 2 Recap

Stage 3 Recap


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The Intrepid 2014 Overview

It was a hectic experience, but definitely rewarding having your work screened each night for an appreciative audience. I'm extremely happy with how the final overview video turned out, and I'm looking forward to creating new projects for both of these events next year, as they're among the highlights of my work year.

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